The new version is in progress; if you have any questions or suggestions, come and give out your precious feedback on our forum.
Happy New Year!

1. Update for Recording Device

Support the settings of the recording device.

2. Update for the Engine

Optimize the performance of Android 7.1 Engine.

3.Update for user feedback system

Optimize the User feedback system.

4. Update for Games

New released game: Brawl Stars

Coming soon : Rise of Civilizations

Version Update: PUBG Mobile

Merry Christmas!

1. Update for ICE Festical

Special edition for ICE Festival is updated, we provides ample prizes for you. Tell your friends to join the TGB and play together!

2. Update for App market

We have updated a new version for app market, and now you can play more games on TGB.

3. Update for performance optimization

We have updated a new version for better performance of the emulator, you can now play PUBG mobile more smoothly on TGB.

4. Update for payment

We have updated a new version for the payment ability for PUBG mobile on TGB, you can now make your recharge at the payment page , and you will get more UC coin than that on mobile.

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1. Provides the ability to pay on the PUBG emulator,while provides additional coins on TGB.

2. Fixed the defect of 100% CPU usage.

3. Optimizes the game experience of PUBG and improves the fluency of the computer.